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Generates migration scripts based on changes in entities.




  • options - Configuration options for generating migrations.
    • entities - An array of entity classes whose changes will be included in the migration.
    • dataProvider - The data provider instance or a function returning a promise of the data provider.
    • migrationsFolder - (Optional) The path to the folder where migration scripts will be stored. Default is 'src/migrations'.
    • snapshotFile - (Optional) The path to the file where the snapshot of the last known state will be stored. Default is 'migrations-snapshot.json' in the migrationsFolder.
    • migrationsTSFile - (Optional) The path to the TypeScript file where the generated migrations will be written. Default is 'migrations.ts' in the migrationsFolder.
    • endConnection - (Optional) Determines whether to close the database connection after generating migrations. Default is false.

MIT Licensed | Made by the Remult team with ❤️