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Entity Rest Api Breakdown

All entities automatically expose a rest API based on the parameters defined in its decorator.

The API supports the following actions (we'll use the products entity as an example, and a specific product with an id=7):

Http MethodDescriptionexamplerequires
GETreturns an array of rows/api/productsallowApiRead
GETreturns a single row based on its id/api/products/7allowApiRead
POSTcreates a new row based on the object sent in the body, and returns the new row/api/productsallowApiInsert
PUTupdates an existing row based on the object sent in the body and returns the result/api/products/7allowApiUpdate
DELETEdeletes an existing row/api/products/7allowApiDelete


Add _sort and _order (ascending order by default)


You can filter the rows using different operators

Filter Operators

noneEqual Toprice=10
.inis in json (url encoded - [10,20])
.containsContains a stringname.contains=ee
.notContainsNot contains a stringname.notContains=ee
.gteGreater than or equalprice.gte=10
.lteLesser than or equalprice.lte=10
.nullis or is not nullprice.null=true
  • you can add several filter conditions using the & operator.



  "count": 4


The default page size is 100 rows.


You can use it all in conjunction:

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